It has been brought to my attention by certain irate residents (these people really do love Gloucester Road!) that the description of the Gloucester Road area in my previous post was very unfair and omitted a number of important things. First among these is Scoop-Away. I really do need to apologise here because I always associated this shop name with cat litter and so I have never ventured inside. How misguided I was. Apparently this is not a store specializing in cat litter, but rather a highly reputable health food establishment where many products are sold loose, allowing you to ScoopAway as much or as little as you want. This got me to thinking about all the other lovely things on the Gloucester Road, the butcher/cheese shop, the fish monger, the two nice vegetable shops, and if only for the name, Bristanbul Turkish bakery. Coffee #1, you do a good espresso but the struggle for seating is a bit too intensely passive aggressive. That was my Gloucester Road Mea Culpa, I hope I’m still welcome at the Bread Store because the sour dough is really quite excellent.